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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I use the internet differently than most people.

And by that I mean I use the internet differently than most people do, or so it seems. Lately, I've come to accept that I'm much braver than most people were. I ran a BBS (with my dad's help at first, of course) from 1992 until 1998 when I realized I was on the internet too much to take any callers and the bulletin board system format was dying very quickly.

I was Videokid for years as well. But that is becoming more and more in the past too. I was always a big name (somewhat) on the internet, but I sold that website for $8.50 back in 2004, and ironically, whoever bought it has never sold it. It's some weird content farm/search engine that's trying to sell itself for thousands of dollars now.

But for better or for worse, I've always been using the internet to meet new people. I was a database of UGT (Utopia General Talk) pictures for a while, and some of these old pics of UGTers are on my brother's crusty and somewhat trusty Gateway computer at my mom's house.

However, with Facebook, it seems that everyone is using the internet a lot more now, and I guess I'm trying to run away from that, or at least show people that what I post on the internet isn't a reflection of who I am, or even my mental state at the time. It's just trolling, but in a real sense. Posting stuff to get a response.

Hell, I've been trolling since I was 10, on AOL, when I realized that my long-winded creative posting about FF3/6 (as FF3kid) were not getting noticed, but writing "DILBET SUCKS" in a comic strips message board got more than 100 replies. I'm still trolling as we speak. Trolling isn't about taking up an unpopular position to annoy others. That's a sound philosophy at times too, the socratic method. Asking questions that everyone knows the answers  to just to stir up debate.

I'm just telling you all that Facebook is on the way out. And as Videokid/Tamagotchi fanfic writer/UGT's favorite Jesse/Electric/Electricbassguy/Jesse Radin, I know what I'm talking about. I've lost quite a few friends (hopefully they'll wise up in some cases) over my posts lately, but I've got a few chips on my shoulders and a few Nukeulurr bombs in my ares-in-all.

The internet, to me, was a place to play games and make new friends. Now Facebook wants to keep gossipy people in their boring bubbles. I'm the bubble burster. The bubble popper. The lightning kid. And I'm here to say that I want to start a website for tweens to play games, safe from giving away too much personal information. But original games, with good moral and educational messages.

Zynga has ruined social gaming, and Jesse Radin will fix it. If you don't agree with me, you're an idiot. Give me your money anyway, though. Because I'm going places, and anyone who wants to stop me is evil. Fact. I'm here to make the world a better place, and if I upset or annoy you in the process, you either have something to learn from what I'm saying, or you're an asshole.

What I post on Facebook or any website doesn't make me "mentally unstable" or a risk to others. People should try spending time in a mental hospital. Go ask for your Haldol and see what it's like.

Keep on 'spergin, kids. Rage if you want. I'm here to have fun, and you should be too. Take your chills pills, count to 10, and shit before you post.


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