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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No point in an update

But why the hell not? Well, one good reason not to is that there's only one person who actively lurks this blog, and will write a post five times the length of mine about how everything I do is wrong and I'm a failure at life... despite the fact that my parents didn't forcibly send me to another country because I disappointed them or fucked up so badly they had no other choice. Such is life.

 This blog was supposed to be a replacement for my LiveJournal, which I also never update. I'm still a geek and proud of it, but sometimes I wonder if being so openly and blatantly "nerdy" turns some people off. I know not everyone gets excited about the latest baseball trade or draft pick... at least not much as they do about football. But that's who I am. Baseball is my sport. My bread and my butter. My cracker AND my mustard.

 I'd like to get a blog with a lot of views, but I guess I have to say more than nothing to do that. I still look forward to the day that this blog is deconstructed and re-posted and overly analyzed. It's always amusing to read an incorrect opinion about "what's wrong with me." I find it ironic of course, that a certain person mentions me in his blog about half the time. Sadly, he's good about avoiding libel laws, and even if he managed to break a few, he's a good liar, sneaky enough to avoid any potential lawsuits.

 I really should cook more often. I can cook, or at least bake. I make good mundane cookies. Mundane meaning not magic, of course. Take that as you will. Cookies are good.


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