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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here's Jesseeeeeeeee!!!

Another boring and inadqueate post for my blog. I guess I'll use ProudlyGeeky like I used Cal-Lib. Also like I used YT. Daily updates of my life. I want to do some fake paranoia along with the Dark Lord Hael himself if that kid is up for it.

I'm listening to that one Angels and Airwaves in song like 2 years ago. I don't do illegal downloads much now. Mostly I like getting singles, because singles are better than group thing.

Advice for you kids: Take your medication.

And Meredith, I'm sure you'll find this soon enough, please for the love of god see a therapist. You love to be angry and jealous from what I know. And you're a really smart girl!

I got an incomplete in all my classes and am just about done with them. One of them expects me to go BACK to Irvine to take my final. Or did before he got the information about me being in the hospital. I hope I can write an essay to make up for it. I probably have mostly A- and B+, without using the famed "retard card" to take untimed texts. I hate drawing graphs though. Fuck graphs!



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