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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Everything I write on this blog is going to be obsessively deconstructed by a psychotic freak with an unhealthy interest in me and everything I write and do.

I am never going to be able get rid of this sort of person in my life. Something that I do sets them off... their jealousy causes them to spend abnormal amounts of time reading about me, writing about me, and badmouthing me to others through blatant lies. (I.e. Accusing me of stealing things that you lost.)

It's pretty amusing to have a blogger who has written thousands of words about how much I "fail at life." I imagine that this post will warrant another incoherent rant that is as long as the last one. And I'm not afraid. Let it come... it's better that you write long whiny posts about how I am somehow inferior to you if the alternative is physically assaulting people with buckets or punching yourself to get a teacher fired.

I understand you have no knowledge of any facts of my life. All you can do is quote a paragraph or even a sentence out of my blog or my website out of context, and then write ten more paragraphs about how my posts is the sign of some disorder or other.

Here's a fact for you. No one cares. No one takes anything you say seriously because you are a hypersensitive spoiled bitch. And I know this post will get emailed to hundreds of people, and maybe five of them will actually read that email.

I'm not afraid of anything or anyone. I am not going to stop posting my thoughts online because some morbidly obese mental midget has a hard-on for slandering me on a daily basis. This is never going to stop and I've come to accept that. No matter how many times these sort of people offer "truces" or say they'll "stop bothering me" it always stays the same or gets even worse.

And I don't give a fuck. Go ahead. Take this quote and shove it up your ass. Let's see if you can write 5,000 words about my 500 words. On a serious note... you're not Maddox. You. Are. Not. Maddox. You are not funny. You are not witty. You do not have anything relevant to say.

While many of us from Generation Y are inspired by Maddox, your blog reeks as a pale impersonation, from the outrageous attempts at being offensive to the making straw men arguments against yourself by typing in ALLCAPS with bad grammar. It's all been done before, been done better, and you're not going to break any ground.

Get over me.

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