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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is already on Facebook, but I'm posting it here too.

Each year is rated on a variety of scales from 1-10:

Social/Romantic (How were my relationships during that year?):
Educational (How was my education during that year):
Self-Improvement (Did I learn anything about myself during the year?):
Vocational (How was my employment during the year, weighted more to years when I'm an adult. This includes volunteer/clubs)
Overall: This is generally a straight average unless one important score is significantly out of whack in either direction.


A very mixed year, with some high and low points. I felt like things could have gone a lot better than they did, but the summer was really confusing for me. A lot of emotions got in the way and I wasn't sure what to do with them. I think if I had been better able to understand what was going on, the year could have gone really well.

+Got a job early in the year, even if I didn't have it at the end
+Began work on my JesseRadin and Manicbaseball sites, sadly I did not follow through with that as much in 2011
+Got my own apartment, even though it sadly was not me paying for it.
+Was able to get away from everything for a little while, even if I did worry others by doing so.
+Had some job interviews that went very well

-Was unjustly and unnecessairly in several hospitals ranging with employees ranging from harmlessly inept to intentionally sadistic.
-Said some things that caused people that had once been my friends to avoid me or regard me as unstable
-Worried my dad and my mom very frequently during the late spring and early summer.
-Ended up spending a couple of nights wandering around aimlessly, perhaps people thought I was homeless
-Didn't get the jobs I applied for in the fall (Target/Borders) their loss, IMaO.
-Didn't get a USAJobs position in the SSA because they didn't know I had taken ONE stat class at a community college... no wonder the government employees are bitter, they have to jump through tons of hoops just to get a job.

Social/Romantic: 4 (As much as I had hoped, certain "friends" of mine continued to avoid me and I didn't see the friends I still had as often as I should have. Not having a date really hurt this score as well)
Educational: 8 (I worked hard on my websites and continuted to use SPSS and STATA, even without a class that required me to do so)
Self-Improvement: 5 (I did learn a lot about myself and others, but like in 2008, I used it unwisely, perhaps hurting more than it helped, at least initially.)
Vocational: 4 (Only had a job for arond 2.5 months that year, and it was a janitor at Great America.)
Overall: 5 (Not awful. While the education score helps it a bit, the low Social/Vocational scores really made it frustrating)

xGot banned from YT again for several months (mixed blessing)

1. 2011

It really started off on the right foot when I got a job in February. As recently as two months ago, it looked like I'd still be with 2CV this year, but I was let go in mid-November, hurting 2011 a little. There was also a certain incideint that... well, something happened to/with me that I thought "guys like me" never had happen, but I guess either I'm not a guy like me, or I was wrong about what guys like me get. But even with losing the job, it was one of my best years.

+Worked in a position that actually required a degree, not just being 15 or 16 and having basic arithmetic skills.
+Able to live on my own and actually afford a place instead of relying on my dad.
+Had sex with someone... who I hadn't met before that night.
+Slept better than I had in just about any other year since I was a kid.
+Got along better with my family
+Got a bodybugg system and lost 15 pounds by using it

-Was not adventurous in eating sometimes, mostly burgers and sandwichess
-Lost my job, despite being good at it, and better than some people they kept on... they said it was just because I was the last hired in Februrary, but I fear my social awktardness made that decision easier.
-Paid a lot more for rent than I should have
-Still had to deal with my internet stalker throughout the year
-Didn't meet new people in SF

Social/Romantic: 8 (Social wasn't as good as it could have been, but as some guy once said: Yeah. Oh. Yeah.)
Educational: 8 (My job was challenging and I did learn new tricks on Excel and SPSS, but I felt I could have been challenged more and learned more had I put my mind to it.)
Self-Improvement: 10 (definetely the best score here... I worked out a lot, at least through November, though the past month or two has not been as good, my weight has stayed down)
Vocational: 9 (A real job, would have been 10 had I kept it)
Overall: 8.75 (Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Best year ever, perhaps)

xGot banned from YT. (Not sure whether this was good or bad.)

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