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Thursday, April 18, 2013

"By-The-Book Managers"

These are the people we should have done away with by 2013. But they sit in their offices, as powerful as ever, doing very little except disciplining their employees and filling out the paperwork. They have always been the bane of my existence in jobs. I didn't start working until I was 19 (almost 20) and while I loved my job at AMC Theaters, there was always an inconsistency within the lower levels of management that grated me.

Working in three different AMC Theaters, I'd see people training new hires on methods that flew in the face of what I had learned two years earlier in my first training sessions. The problem are "by-the-book managers". These are people who through some stroke of luck or dishonesty, have managed to land a position supervising people despite having no aptitude for the position, and they are the ones holding the world back, more than any corporation or government.

As someone who has always struggled to pick up on social cues, I've always stood out from the herd, and I don't think that's something I can change (or at least not something I want to change at this point). But that trait of mine has always made me an easy target. While most people can fake it to make it, I've had the opposite problem. Despite my master's degree, I never really attained the success I thought would come easily with an advanced degree in a quantitative discipline.

But the problem is not with me. I know it's simple to say that, but it truly is not. These low-ranking "managers" hold everyone back, and it is time we break free of them. From the "office troll" making college students feel stupid for trying to change their major or drop a class to the stoner bitch that tokes up with new hires at Randstad, this regime has to go down.

They have no respect for hard work, and they are almost robotic in their functioning. It doesn't matter if you show up one minute late because of an accident on the road or because you were lazy about leaving on time... these people will mark you tardy, like you're in some sort of permanent high school. We have to stop this madness, and fast. Try to reason with these managers, and don't take their word as law. These automatons are dragging us down, and I'm not going to play their game.

Yes, I'm a "free spirit". I've always thought that was a meaningless phrase, but I am done playing for these pencil-pushers that do nothing but discipline others. Employees deserve respect, from the janitor at an amusement park all the way to the CEO of Jessrond Publishing. And yes, other people deserve respect too. Not just Jesse Radin. I'll admit I do have a bit of arrogance/insecurity going on sometimes, but I speak the truth.

Break free from these terrible low-ranking supervisors that inhabit decent jobs. Supervisors aren't there to be our friends, but they should respect us. Most of the supervisors I've had have been great, but the bad ones really work hard at making things worse. Free yourselves from the disciplinarians. Speak up for your rights. And above all else, do not worry about me. I am not here to be watched over by concerned people.

I did not lose my job. I quit. I don't need arrogant middle-aged men on the internet passing judgment on me. I have a great destiny, and no one can stop me. Except me. And I'm not getting in my way.


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