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Friday, December 19, 2008

YT won't work on my computer, meaning I can't even lurk. I am banned until 3/9/09. I've decided to respect the ban. YT is not as important as the people behind the other computer screens.

Which reminds me. I really miss LedZepGrl. And her younger sister. I'd like to meet them and do something not related to computers. I don't mean anything Markovian (creepy) by that.

LedZepGrl gave me a lot of self-confidence and made me a better writer. I'm wondering where she is now. I'm pretty sure she was in the hospital like I was, but on a different floor. My hospital story is long and I'll post it in a couple days.

It wasn't as bad as El Camino for those that knew me in 2004.


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