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Saturday, October 10, 2015

My frustrating relationship with

When I first joined YouThink com on July 28, 2001, it was an exciting moments. I was finally freeing myself from that phase of "face-rating websites" where you posted pictures of your faces (or bodies?) and got rated from 1 to 10. There were at least four main ones I used... RateMyFace, RateMyBody, HotOrNot, and FaceTheJury. I was a moderator on both RMF and RMB, moderating the "teen" section.

But when a lot of my RMF friends found their way to FTJ I joined as well but ended answering random poll questions that led me to I ended up wanting to see the demographics on those questions and made an account on there. "Electricbassguy" couldn't fit, so I went with "Electric" over "Electricbass". And that's how I became who I am.

Over the years, YT would provide a lot for me. I've made some lifelong friendships and met somewhere around 30 people. The meetings would range from going to Buddy's mom's house and eating cookies with my mom, girlfriend, and some friends to a party where we all got drunk and embarrassed ourselves.

But these days, it's pretty clear a lot of "YTers" would be happier if I didn't exist. In their YT world, Electric never existed. Nothing made that clearer than when I was removed from their Facebook Group in April 2013. And now, when I am on "Jesse Nicholas Radin", that group doesn't exist. But for anyone else in the world if you typed in YouThink you'd quickly find the entry for their group.

Sometimes I wonder what they talk about in there. I always have considered myself a YTer but perhaps that is not what I am. YT and I have had this rocky relationship. It started back in 2002 when my mom made accounts on the site but we've made peace since then.

But in general, YT has defined me too much online and perhaps it is best that I am free of it. I still have dozens of current and former YTers on my friends list that I keep in touch with almost every day. It just saddens me that they are so eager to vote me off whatever island they have.

I've been banned quite a few times, but not like most people. A lot of people would just go out and "pornocide" and post something that got them permanently banned. I would break the most obscure and pointless rules a few times and then make blatant "alters" of myself and get my bans extended. But now that my ban is forever, it's over. They won the battle, but I will win the war. (And if you're dumb enough to think I'm trying to start an actual war, get over it. I'm not talking about anything like that.)

The site is dying, of course. I actually mean that this time. Claims of YT's deaths have been made (by Rufio the most) ever since the Journals section was developed way back in October 2001. But now, 14 years later, I would say it really is dying. I really want to re-create the awesome world YT was from 2001-07 or so.

A place where you can ask questions and have debates. I hope to hear from others regarding this. To me, YT truly is dead. They don't want me there because I've always wanted to make the site more popular and meet new people. Despite all my flaws, even my greatest YT enemies would admit I was friendly. Though perhaps too much so.

It still hurts now to realize that the people in charge of the YT Facebook group wish to exclude me entirely. But that is their choice and I can't change it. They want to live in a little world where "Electric" doesn't exist. They want to hide away from reality and cast me aside.

And that is their loss. I want to recreate the world we once had. I want to merge all my internet and college universes into one awesome discussion center (or centre?)

I know I might scare people away sometimes but that is the cost of being passionate. And I'd rather be passionate and express myself than provide some lukewarm philosophy that appeals to everyone but excites no one.

Join me and we'll make the world a better place. To all my friends. From YouThink. From LiveJournal. From St. Mary's, Irvine, and Cupertino.

And even from the face-rating sites if any of us are still connected. We will make this world better and you are awesome if you're even reading this.

Burgers for some!


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