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Monday, October 26, 2015

What makes me a "geek"?

I've owned this "proudlygeeky" blogger for more than a decade now, so I better have some good reasons that I'm a geek, right? Sadly someone else owns the Tumblr page and I ended up taking "wussrock" instead, but I prefer Blogger to Tumblr because I'm not a huge fan of the social justice warriors and various mindless people who do nothing but "share" random content on their pages. I thought internet blogs were about providing original content, but it seems with Tumblr and Twitter it's about reblogging/retweeting instead of actually adding something of your own.

I've always been about writing my own content. Even if it doesn't appeal to that many people, I like to write my own content and know that it is mine and mine alone.

Here now are some reasons that I claim to be a "geek".

1. I love baseball stats and simulations more than the actual games. My friend Brian once claimed that if he handed me a box score from the 1930s but replaced the names with modern players, I'd enjoy it just as much as a real game since I care more about the numbers than the players or the games. He's probably right.

2. Since 2010, I've begun "rating" every year of my life on different scales and writing up my opinion on why the year could have been better/worse. And in the beginning of 2010 I wrote out ratings of every year from 2000-09.... so it wasn't just a new project, but I retroactively rated past years of my life. Of course, that being said... perhaps retroactively rating years isn't as accurate as rating them just after they end. So far 2015 hasn't been the dream.

3. My daily wardrobe consists mainly of graphic tees and jeans. Some of the shirts aren't geeky at all, like baseball/basketball things, but others are lame like one that just says "meh" and another that says "Leeeeeroy!".

4. I enjoy/have enjoyed using various calorie counters. Not just because I wanted to lose or maintain weight, but because I enjoyed doing random barely active activities and seeing if the FitBit/BodyBugg could tell the difference between  them.

5. Ever since I was young, I've enjoyed making random graphs and charts of things in my life, and more recently, putting random crap in SPSS like music reviews of my favorite bands to see if I can find any correlation between them.

6. I eat burgers every day. I don't know if that's a "geek" thing but it defines me.

That might not be a HUGE number of things but I think those are all solid reasons that I'm a geek. I mean, it's not like I'm on trial by the Geek Squad... right? I've never worked for Geek Squad, though. Actually I recently replaced their "protection" plan with a different one from Sprint because Sprint only charges $75 to replace a phone but Best Buy charges $150. That's right... on top of the monthly fee you pay Geek Squad, you still pretty much pay the "contract" price for a replacement phone!

Have a great night and be geeky if you want to be's.


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