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Monday, August 27, 2012

Harrassing Email Titled "Second Date"

"ou have as much chance to get a second date as Martin Luther King has
joining the Klu Klux Klan."

Good one, Jose. Go jack off to the 15 year olds on r/gonewild.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Disturbing Anonymous Emails: A Collection of Creepy

I have, for more than a year now, received "anonymous" hate mail. It's AINO, or Anonymous in Name Only, because anyone who knows anything knows it's the same freak who writes about me in his blog and lies about me to his internet buddies on various sites.

Here they are... all of the "free email service" emails I have gotten in the past month.

Note: The guy is so retarded he doesn't realize the terrible service he uses cuts out the first character in every email he sends!

July 29:

"ou life is a negative mark on the world.  You can make it positive by
ending it."
August 4:

"ou will be out of money soon.  You admit you are a loser but are
unwilling to change. You are stupid and hard headed and will not get a
good job that way. You are your own worst enemy."

August 6:

"en is married, you are not and will never be."

August 11:

"ou sound like a wining wimp because you are one, soon to be broke and
hiding behind you mother\'s apron strings."

August 11:

"bama will not win. Only entitlement minded retards like you would vote
for him."

August 16:

"oon the only way you will be able to keep a roof over your head is to
flip out. A mental hospital is where you should be. Maybe some
YouThink sluts will visit you."

August 18:

"his young woman is not interested in you from what she told me."

August 19:

"ou have nothing in common with hot girls. You do not even belong to
the same species !"

August 20:

"chizophrenic as proven by at least seven doctors in the mental
hospitals you have been in. You are stupid not to accept that. Now you
are out of full time work and Obama is no longer your hero. Time to
have a flipout."

August 21:

"ou are not going to be a 50 year old janitor, you are going to be a 27
year old janitor."

August 26:

"K Cupid should be named OK Stupid because any girl that would date you
has to be stupid. You have zero chance of getting another date after
meeting up in person. Face it loser !"

August 26:

"ll your ex-friends have well paying, steady jobs. You do not, loser."

These go to my spam folder, so this is just the ones from the past month... this has been going on for more than a year.

It's pathological to have this much of an obsession with someone you haven't seen in real life for three years. But I guess I was a big part of his meaningless life.

I know full well no one will read this (except Lardo) so, have fun. I wonder if your parents would approve of your creepy comments on the GoneWild sub reddit? Those girls are probably 15, dude.