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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

First anon email since August!

Subject: you

Free Email Service - Do not reply 
8:51 AM (3 hours ago)
to me

re becoming a drunk.

Wow, Jose. Just for going to a bar on NYE. Oh well. I figured your first "anon" email to me would b a bit more interesting than that. Keep on jacking off to r/gonewild, kid.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Rating 2012


At first, 2012 didn't look like it would be a great year. After having a decent job with 2CV Research in 2011, I had no job prospects coming into 2012, until I stood in a long line at Great America just for a minimum wage position in Food Services. It was something that I thought I'd have been done with after working with 2CV. But while I did get a couple of interviews for "real jobs" to begin the year, it was only Great America that actually hired me.

But Great America was much better with the Pavillion Crew that it had been in Park Services or Sweet Tooth in 2008. And biking to work every day got me in better shape than I've ever been. Overall, the year was better than I had thought it would be when it began.

+Was employed for nearly the entire year+Lived closer to my dad and mom again, and got to seem them more often than I did living in San Francisco.+Didn't get banned on YT at all that year. Maybe not a really "good thing" but it was the first year since 2007 that I had access to my YT account for an entire calendar year.+Biked to work every day and stayed in good shape despite eating habits that were similar to a six-year old who got to decide what he ate every day.
+Worked for my mom pretty often when I wasn't working at Great America.
+In October, I started a good job at Randstad as a temp for Google, and I am still there as of this writing.
+Went on 6 dates in 2 months, breaking my "one date a year" streak!
+Met people at Great America that I actually have kept in touch with, more than anyone at my prior jobs.
+Have/had a huge crush on this hot girl at my new job, to the point where just seeing her makes my day... or week.
+Actually got an interview for a leadership position at Great America instead of my application being ignored entirely as they would have been in past years at other places.
+Received an A in C++ and an A- in SQL despite working full time while taking the classes.

-None of the dates led to a serious relationship or anything sexual.-Didn't get promoted at Great America (though I do realize I probably wasn't the best choice they had)
-Had to start paying for my utilities with rent... while it was a bit less than before, I no longer had free internet, cable TV, electricity, water, gas, and garbage included with the rent.
-My same stalker continued to make blogs dedicated to talking badly about me, and to this day, he has two accounts where he pretends to be "Sean" and "Jon."-Didn't have a romantic misadventure like I did in 2011.
-Lost a friend because I couldn't deal with her creepiness. She started adding random attractive brunettes she found on my Facebook out of jealousy and wanted to take a Greyhound bus for 36 hours to meet me. I couldn't deal with that.
-Didn't sleep quite as well as I had in 2011.
-Still haven't asked out the hot girl from work despite my wanting her a lot.

Social/Romantic: 9 (Would have been a 10 if the dates led to more, but reallyEducational: 9 (Took classes again for the first time since finishing grad school. While my jobs didn't teach me anything new, it's nice to know programming.)Self-Improvement: 9 (Not quite as good as 2011 in this regard. I didn't go to the gym, though I did bike all the time and was probably healthier than before.)Vocational: 9 (While it was mostly Great America, I did like it. And Randstad was great for the last three months of the year!)Overall: 9 (Best year... of all time? Of all time. Until I get married, maybe. Or something)