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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The most evil blog ever: Tirades of a Xantastical nature.: Band of evil ex-boyfriends?

For those that remember my rage war with Jose Luis Alvarez, this is not a joke. That was... mostly a joke. This is the curse of all of us. 9/26/1985. She is carefully contained between some very powerful entities but this is also the same reason all of us must not think of ourselves as ourselves.

Full rant (of hers) with my comments

Inevitably no matter how hard you try, you always end up thinking about your exes from time to time. Pondering on how they could be so normal while you're together, and then afterwards so scathing and psychotic. But thats the thing that a lot of people don't realize. The bad things we hate about people are ALWAYS there, you just have to look without "love" clouding your eyes.
Truly all the terrible things I hate about any of my ex-boyfriends but thinking back all those things were always there, but the warmy-lovey things I felt for them at that time overpowered them. When a relationship is absolved there are usually no real positive things to outweigh the bad, and therefore they seem way worse in comparison. Obviously this isn't true for everyone, namely people in abusive relationships. But really ask yourself, if you or someone you love has been in a relationship with someone completely awful....there are nearly always warning signs of some kind.

A perfect example of this would be a boy I briefly dated in my younger years. He always would tell me sob stories about how his prior girlfriend cheated on him, then when they broke up got insanely jealous and she turned “psychotic” on him.
We got to know each other and he would get so strangely wrapped up in talking to me, or being around me. As much as it was something new and exciting, it was frightening at times. I ignored his obsessive behavior and oddly it became something I really thought was cute about him for a time.
Eventually we broke up, and he chased other girls (which was a heart breaking blow at the time). Later he saw the “error” of his ways, and tried to win me back. I refused him, and he turned on me, becoming obsessive; stalking me; telling people horrible things about me that they had no right to hear.
Now as awful as that was to go through, I really should have realized he was always a bad person. No matter how good, or nice, or how much I wanted him to love me was going to change that fact. He was going to do whatever he wanted regardless. And true to form no matter what I wanted him to do, he wanted the polar opposite. From time to time this cretin tries to worm his way back into my life, and I'll be honest it really enrages me.

So lesson learned from this is if someone gives you a bad vibe or theres some weird voice in the back of your mind nagging you about something strange they do... Pay attention to it. It might just save your life some day.
No matter what there will always be creeps in life, but weigh the good AND bad about someone before trusting them completely.
"Ramona Flowers" signing off and hoping you take something away from my stupid little blog.

Tirades of a Xantastical nature.: Band of evil ex-boyfriends?: Inevitably no matter how hard you try, you always end up thinking about your exes from time to time. Pondering on how they could be so no...

This is some fucked up shit, man. If anyone should be pissed off it's Tigerlily656/Dbbutterfuly. I mean... in 2008 they were both in a crazy hell hole. This is the one to blame Meredith and False Rachel.

This is the reason anyone named Meredith has any doubts, really.