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Monday, March 07, 2016

Why I go to Target all the time

A few years ago, my hick mom Virginia "Boomer cXnt" Snyder went on her pilgrimage to Eastern Europe so she could play annoying Eastern European folk music. Being techonogically ignorant, she failed to set up the AutoPay on her Target RedCard and got mad at them for her own ignorant mistake.

To apologize for my annoying-ass mom, I now go out of my way to spend all I can at Target. I buy random things like 20 Shinedown "Threat to Survival" albums and leave it at the self-service counter because I feel bad for Target after having to deal with my mom.

If you're a customer service rep and you can tolerate Virginia "Thinkerbell" Snyder without raising your voice, you deserve a huge raise. She's the reason I'm so good at retail jobs. Because no matter how annoying customers at AMC and Great America were, seeing my mom's poor behavior made me realize how terrible a customer she can be.

Example 1:

It's 2005, at In-N-Out Burger. Her hamburger is slightly pink. She flips out at them and they offer her a well-done burger. My hick mommy replies, "I DON'T WANT IT" Seriously stfu and go eat some overcooked beef, Ginny.

Anyway mom, I used your name online. Well that's what you get, because you used to post about me on the Autism Newsgroup 20 years ago, woman!\

OH NO! GO AHEAD AND YELL AT ME LAWL! NOFC. Go eat some overcooked beef, yell about your crazy son, and realize I am superior to you at picking stocks.

Your real 30-year-old son,
Jesse "Electric" Radin