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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rating 2015

Since 2010, I've been "rating" each year on four categories, retroactively back to 2000. Overall, 2015 was a frustrating year. I only was employed for about two months and spent a lot of time being somewhat manic and walking around all day posting pictures on Instagram. But the year would take a turn for the better in November when I got myself hospitalized without having anyone else have to tell me I needed that.

So on to the review!

+Accepted that I need medications
+Posted a lot of interesting content on Instagram that got likes from cool/somewhat famous people.
+Raided in a real WoW guild instead of a crappy casual guild that barely progressed
+Stopped making mean-spirited alters on YouThink, instead being nicer with my alters and almost fitting in with the site more than I did as Electric.
+Posted a lot on Panjury and generated interesting content there
+Got a lot of exercise (in the spring)
+Had quite a few interviews which were good experiences even if they didn't lead to jobs
+Met nice people at El Camino PHP/IOP
+Became more focused by the end of the year
+Wrote a daily journal for nearly four months on
+Reconnected with a lot of people on Facebook
+Started another novel

-Only was employed for two months out of the year
-Got myself blocked by some people for my relentless tagging on Instagram or Facebook
-Scared my mom off for a while with my emails to her
-Spent money like I had a job when I didn't
-Generally worried people with my behavior
-Thought I found my "real job" that ended up being just one day
-Slept away my summer

+/- Cops came to "check up on me" several times but unlike before I stayed calm and didn't get the trip to the hospital those times

Social/Romantic: 6 (I made some new Facebook friends that I actually talk with rather than just numbers on my friends count, and kept in touch with my dad. But no dates this year.)
Educational: 5 (I took an online course in Python but did not learn all that much from it, to be honest, except that I prefer C++ to Python for programming.)
Self-Improvement: 8 (I realized that medications can help me without numbing me or taking away from who I am.)
Vocational: 4 (Two months of work and little else but it was nice to get so many job interviews)
Overall: 5.75 (Not a great year but not my worst year, either. 2016 is looking up, it's 20x6.)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

3 things to stop doing

1. Pronouncing GUI as "Gooey".
You sound like a fucking retard. It's (G)raphical (U)ser (I)nterface. Not gooey! God damn it!

2. Saying "X people like Justin Bieber" on videos. It's everywhere. Where X = number of dislikes. I don't hate Bieber. He's just some guy.

3. Pronouncing LOL as "lawl" it's ell oh ell. LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Thanks Erik!