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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Blog views" are a vague term. Some blogs have "counters" on them. This one does not. A blog view is not the same as a blogger profile view, which is what some people are using to say this blog is not viewed frequently. It's not that it's a popular blog... I don't really advertise it, I've only posted ONE link to it on my Facebook ever.

I don't really know the point of my blogs. This one is for whatever is going on in my mind, and I have a couple of sports-oriented ones. I'd like to hit it big someday, but I don't think this blog is going to be that for me.

Peace out (said in a Sheldon Cooper way.)

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Ihh. Ihh!


I mad, bro.


I am going to type randomly with my eyes closed and hopefully you get something to quote and write about how bad it makes me look.

You are scum.

Everything I write on this blog is going to be obsessively deconstructed by a psychotic freak with an unhealthy interest in me and everything I write and do.

I am never going to be able get rid of this sort of person in my life. Something that I do sets them off... their jealousy causes them to spend abnormal amounts of time reading about me, writing about me, and badmouthing me to others through blatant lies. (I.e. Accusing me of stealing things that you lost.)

It's pretty amusing to have a blogger who has written thousands of words about how much I "fail at life." I imagine that this post will warrant another incoherent rant that is as long as the last one. And I'm not afraid. Let it come... it's better that you write long whiny posts about how I am somehow inferior to you if the alternative is physically assaulting people with buckets or punching yourself to get a teacher fired.

I understand you have no knowledge of any facts of my life. All you can do is quote a paragraph or even a sentence out of my blog or my website out of context, and then write ten more paragraphs about how my posts is the sign of some disorder or other.

Here's a fact for you. No one cares. No one takes anything you say seriously because you are a hypersensitive spoiled bitch. And I know this post will get emailed to hundreds of people, and maybe five of them will actually read that email.

I'm not afraid of anything or anyone. I am not going to stop posting my thoughts online because some morbidly obese mental midget has a hard-on for slandering me on a daily basis. This is never going to stop and I've come to accept that. No matter how many times these sort of people offer "truces" or say they'll "stop bothering me" it always stays the same or gets even worse.

And I don't give a fuck. Go ahead. Take this quote and shove it up your ass. Let's see if you can write 5,000 words about my 500 words. On a serious note... you're not Maddox. You. Are. Not. Maddox. You are not funny. You are not witty. You do not have anything relevant to say.

While many of us from Generation Y are inspired by Maddox, your blog reeks as a pale impersonation, from the outrageous attempts at being offensive to the making straw men arguments against yourself by typing in ALLCAPS with bad grammar. It's all been done before, been done better, and you're not going to break any ground.

Get over me.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's tough being legendary. That's what I tell myself when I realize people aren't going to stop stalking me. A certain tub of lard has linked to two of my YouTube videos in a desperate attempt to make me look bad on his failed blog.

He only makes himself look bad with this, and I am happy knowing he will fail at life because he's allowed society to define him. He sees them as the "enemy." As a creature he must defeat. And thus, by intentionally becoming what society would hate, he is as much as (or more of) a slave to societal expectations than those who attempt to fit in.

He will never be truly happy because he always needs to have a battle to fight. He always has to have things in black and white, with enemies and allies. And I sit squarely in his enemies zone, with all of his internet rage flailing lardtardically in my general direction. That means I have already won. Because he cannot stop obsessing over me, linking to posts I made, I am the one who defines him. Simply by making a link or a video that would bait him, I could end him.

But instead, I know he'll ruin himself. He's pretty well on the path. And I know if anyone reads this, they'll tell me to get over myself or to stop acting self-important. Fuck that. Not falling for it. I am important. If I wasn't, why do angry fat men stalk me so readily? Maybe I smell like cheetos.

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This is already on Facebook, but I'm posting it here too.

Each year is rated on a variety of scales from 1-10:

Social/Romantic (How were my relationships during that year?):
Educational (How was my education during that year):
Self-Improvement (Did I learn anything about myself during the year?):
Vocational (How was my employment during the year, weighted more to years when I'm an adult. This includes volunteer/clubs)
Overall: This is generally a straight average unless one important score is significantly out of whack in either direction.


A very mixed year, with some high and low points. I felt like things could have gone a lot better than they did, but the summer was really confusing for me. A lot of emotions got in the way and I wasn't sure what to do with them. I think if I had been better able to understand what was going on, the year could have gone really well.

+Got a job early in the year, even if I didn't have it at the end
+Began work on my JesseRadin and Manicbaseball sites, sadly I did not follow through with that as much in 2011
+Got my own apartment, even though it sadly was not me paying for it.
+Was able to get away from everything for a little while, even if I did worry others by doing so.
+Had some job interviews that went very well

-Was unjustly and unnecessairly in several hospitals ranging with employees ranging from harmlessly inept to intentionally sadistic.
-Said some things that caused people that had once been my friends to avoid me or regard me as unstable
-Worried my dad and my mom very frequently during the late spring and early summer.
-Ended up spending a couple of nights wandering around aimlessly, perhaps people thought I was homeless
-Didn't get the jobs I applied for in the fall (Target/Borders) their loss, IMaO.
-Didn't get a USAJobs position in the SSA because they didn't know I had taken ONE stat class at a community college... no wonder the government employees are bitter, they have to jump through tons of hoops just to get a job.

Social/Romantic: 4 (As much as I had hoped, certain "friends" of mine continued to avoid me and I didn't see the friends I still had as often as I should have. Not having a date really hurt this score as well)
Educational: 8 (I worked hard on my websites and continuted to use SPSS and STATA, even without a class that required me to do so)
Self-Improvement: 5 (I did learn a lot about myself and others, but like in 2008, I used it unwisely, perhaps hurting more than it helped, at least initially.)
Vocational: 4 (Only had a job for arond 2.5 months that year, and it was a janitor at Great America.)
Overall: 5 (Not awful. While the education score helps it a bit, the low Social/Vocational scores really made it frustrating)

xGot banned from YT again for several months (mixed blessing)

1. 2011

It really started off on the right foot when I got a job in February. As recently as two months ago, it looked like I'd still be with 2CV this year, but I was let go in mid-November, hurting 2011 a little. There was also a certain incideint that... well, something happened to/with me that I thought "guys like me" never had happen, but I guess either I'm not a guy like me, or I was wrong about what guys like me get. But even with losing the job, it was one of my best years.

+Worked in a position that actually required a degree, not just being 15 or 16 and having basic arithmetic skills.
+Able to live on my own and actually afford a place instead of relying on my dad.
+Had sex with someone... who I hadn't met before that night.
+Slept better than I had in just about any other year since I was a kid.
+Got along better with my family
+Got a bodybugg system and lost 15 pounds by using it

-Was not adventurous in eating sometimes, mostly burgers and sandwichess
-Lost my job, despite being good at it, and better than some people they kept on... they said it was just because I was the last hired in Februrary, but I fear my social awktardness made that decision easier.
-Paid a lot more for rent than I should have
-Still had to deal with my internet stalker throughout the year
-Didn't meet new people in SF

Social/Romantic: 8 (Social wasn't as good as it could have been, but as some guy once said: Yeah. Oh. Yeah.)
Educational: 8 (My job was challenging and I did learn new tricks on Excel and SPSS, but I felt I could have been challenged more and learned more had I put my mind to it.)
Self-Improvement: 10 (definetely the best score here... I worked out a lot, at least through November, though the past month or two has not been as good, my weight has stayed down)
Vocational: 9 (A real job, would have been 10 had I kept it)
Overall: 8.75 (Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Best year ever, perhaps)

xGot banned from YT. (Not sure whether this was good or bad.)

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