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Friday, October 28, 2016

Facebook and Retroactive Punishment

There's a feeling of dread I get when my phone notifies me that I have to log into Facebook from a web browser. That can mean only one thing; someone reported content I produced, and Facebook has decided it violated their policies and thus I must be punished.

The punishment is always a "block". Being blocked on Facebook means you pretty much can't do anything for a set period of time. You cannot post any sort of content, interact with anyone through messages or liking/commenting their posts, nor can you add friends. You can still accept friend requests, but other than that there's pretty much nothing you can do on Facebook.

And you'll have to go through the cumbersome process of reconnecting various services to your Facebook account after you get blocked. Most people never will have to experience this issue... but it's something I will endure frequently.

I post off-the-wall rants sometimes that mean-spirited people will report hoping to get me in trouble. And the terrible robot employees that are in charge of dealing with Facebook moderation will be quick to smite me with what is now a 30-day block. It didn't start that way.... but repeated issues have gotten it up this high. Fortunately for me 30 days is the maximum length... if it could go higher I would probably be blocked on Facebook for a couple more presidential terms.

What bothers me most about this most recent punishment is that the post was about 8 months old. Apparently Facebook doesn't care how old a post is... some reportfag digs it up and BOOM, it's a block. I know I have enemies online, the sort of people who will go out of their way to get me in trouble through any means necessary. I've always been too honest on the internet, and it's frequently come back to bite me.

I'm not one to hide who I am or placate people with little white lies, so I often find myself on the outside looking in for social situations. Despite a Master's and over a year of relevant experience, I am frequently rejected (or ignored) when I apply to jobs for which I am qualified.

Our society values style over substance, so smooth-talking liars will succeed no matter what. It doesn't matter if they slacked off through high school and college and simply coasted through their jobs. If they can put up a good front, they will impress people and make it far. Despite my strong work ethic and intelligence, I'm in a position that doesn't require anything other than paying attention and having good customer service skills.

It's frustrating to see how everyone else my age seems to have it all figured out. Most people my age are married and many have kids. But for me, I don't have any of that. I want it, though. I am tired of waiting for the world to accept me but at the same time, I refuse to change who I am to appease others, so maybe this is a self-defeating cycle.

Anyway... TLDR: Facebook loves to block for old content. Frustrating and annoying and they won't change their ways.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mr. Burgers: Panda Express Two-Entree Plate [Season 6, Episode 4]

Mr. Burgers: Panda Express Two-Entree Plate [Season 6, Episode 4]