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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What is "Hate Mail?"

Most people, when they think of "hate mail", they think of an email or letter sent directly and privately to someone. By that definition, blogs are not hate mail... therefore the posts I have made in this blog are not hate mail. But some people will still refer to it as such... or, this same person will copy and paste my profile information from an unpopular social networking site where I made a comment without using ANYONE's names, put it in his Facebook status, and then make up a story about how he received it in an email at 3:30 in the morning.

Not sure why he'd try to pull that off... I guess to appear as a victim by making up stories. I mean, compulsive liars really do believe the lies they spew, so I can't say that he knows he's lying. I'm well aware this blog is only read by "The Lard" and maybe a few spambots that would post form comments if I didn't have spam protection up.

It's funny to have someone who sees you as somehow inferior and an easy opponent when that is clearly not the case. This is just funny as hell, you know? I could probably write randomly for the next ten minutes about whatever I wanted, to be rewarded with an insane post quoting me and making up a bunch of shit about how whatever I said was illogical. And he'd throw in a few "BUT JOSE LOL" as a pale echo of Maddox and call it a day... and then proceed to visit my website several times.

I noticed after I added StatCounter to my personal website ( that there had been someone visiting obsessively from the Philippines. At first I dismissed it as one of the random Filipino girls that had added me on Faceboook because I had one friend in common with them from college... but no such luck. This one was coming from my YouThink profile, rather than my Facebook like all the others. And lo and behold, it must be Jose.

The scary part is that I don't know how long this has been going on. Had he obsessively (and compulsively) been checking out my website for the past year and a half despite it not having been updated since June 2010, or did one of my many unscrupulous people that I should delete from my Facebook link him to my updated site and "report it" to him, the sheep that they are.

I'm not sure which is more disturbing... that he'd  constantly check on my website hoping for me to update so he could read whatever I wrote and then send it to hundreds of people who probably have his email address blocked ever since he harassed a Catholic girl via AIM and then sent that email to everyone he knew to gloat about how he was better than her. Or that he has "agents" on my Facebook who feed him all information. Both of them are very likely.

I know full well that I've been the victim of these mass emails... probably links to my YouThink profile, my various blogs, and my YouTube videos. But I honestly don't give a fuck. Whatever I do, he's going to obsess over me. Somehow, I've become this kid's "Aspie Obsession." He used to think he was saving me from a lifetime of being an internet addict... but better an internet addict than hanging out with a bunch of dumb guys at a party and drinking watery American beer contaminated by a ping-pong ball.

I think this may be my longest entry yet, barring the first two I wrote in 2005. Yet still, I know the response could possibly be longer. At the very least, it won't be sane. Moocows riseth.

Jose Alvarez Uncut: Vlogging: A semi-objective analysis.

Jose Alvarez Uncut: Vlogging: A semi-objective analysis.: Since everyone and their mother decided that making vlogs (video logs) of themselves was a great idea, I've decided to discuss them because ...

My fat obese stalker obsesses over me.

I know whatever I do, he won't stop making posts about me. I guess since his parents kicked him out of the US for being entirely useless... he has nothing better to do.

To Jose's parents: Do not ever bring him back!

No point in an update

But why the hell not? Well, one good reason not to is that there's only one person who actively lurks this blog, and will write a post five times the length of mine about how everything I do is wrong and I'm a failure at life... despite the fact that my parents didn't forcibly send me to another country because I disappointed them or fucked up so badly they had no other choice. Such is life.

 This blog was supposed to be a replacement for my LiveJournal, which I also never update. I'm still a geek and proud of it, but sometimes I wonder if being so openly and blatantly "nerdy" turns some people off. I know not everyone gets excited about the latest baseball trade or draft pick... at least not much as they do about football. But that's who I am. Baseball is my sport. My bread and my butter. My cracker AND my mustard.

 I'd like to get a blog with a lot of views, but I guess I have to say more than nothing to do that. I still look forward to the day that this blog is deconstructed and re-posted and overly analyzed. It's always amusing to read an incorrect opinion about "what's wrong with me." I find it ironic of course, that a certain person mentions me in his blog about half the time. Sadly, he's good about avoiding libel laws, and even if he managed to break a few, he's a good liar, sneaky enough to avoid any potential lawsuits.

 I really should cook more often. I can cook, or at least bake. I make good mundane cookies. Mundane meaning not magic, of course. Take that as you will. Cookies are good.